I create work that plays with the diversity of what it means to have a defined self and how we present ourselves to the world at large. I began my professional career in the sciences, biology and psychology. These experiences influence my work. I am interested in exploring the dichotomy of the part of one’s self presented to the world and the other part of the self that is hidden. I feel there is a marked gap between the story an individual displays to the world and the experience that has molded the entire person. I play with the uncanny, often creating a sense of wonder and unease with each work becoming a manifestation of an aspect of an individual.

I make figurative work that is hand built and slip cast, treated with layered underglazes and oxides. Color choices are carefully considered capitalizing on the psychological impact they will have on the viewer. My work is completed by the addition of wispy feathers to oozing resin and unforgiving plaster.